• Composer for Ancestral Video in Honor of Bambara, Hemphill, White, and Murungi on the 25th Anniversary of the making of NO! The Rape Documentary. (filmmakers: Aishah S. Simmons and Tina Morton; October 2019)



  • Composer for 5 compositions included on curated digital collections under the Stage and Screen umbrella for use by filmmakers/media makers. JANUARY 2018.




  • Composer for Soulful Meditation Series 1 (multi-part meditative audio series in production, 2015-onward. part 1 is done). Lady Brown's Child Studios.



  • Composer for Music for [a] Massive Cover-Up (Poetry and Spoken Word piece for Art Sanctuary's Celebration of Black Writing, May 2015). Artist: Avril Somerville


  • Composer for Liquid Verbs (Spoken Word and Art installation Project with Music). Artist: Tamarah Ynise, 2005.


  • Composer for Precious Places  Community History Project . Filmmaker: Gail Lloyd



  • Composer for Dancing With My Ancestors (Tone Poem/Mixed Media Installation with Music). Artist: Angel Martinez, 2004.




  • Songwriter, Composer, Producer & Performer for the Soulful Meditations Series 2.  (in production, due in 2024)


  • Songwriter (lyricist) for the Badd Kitti debut album.  (in production, due 2024)


  • Composer for Cancer Cells: A Biography.  Daedalus Labs, NJ. (in production; no updates)


  • Composer for incidental music for Jann Beider Gaming. (app in production; no updates)





  • Bassplayer for Danie Ocean on The Arrival EP (all songs), 2009.


  • Bassplayer and Background Vocalist* for Ashley Phillips on Nostalgia 2.0 (songs: Nostalgia and Sail Away*), 2010.


  • Bassplayer and Co-Songwriter* for Rosemary Fiki on The Great Unknown (songs: Great Unknown*, So Obvious and Feel This Way), Winter 2014.


  • Bassplayer, Co-Songwriter*, Keyboards/Synths, Background Vocals for The A & E Martinez  Untitled project (songs: Muevete* and Asi Asi), 2014.




  • Bassplayer, Keyboards/Synths, Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting and Producing for FUNKYLB Dream Catcher  EP  (all songs), 2016.

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